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Coplyforce held a reading activity called "Book Flavor 38"

Release Time:2022/06/30 19:06

        On the afternoon of March 8, 2022, in response to the "Book-smelling March 8" reading activity jointly initiated by Hongqi Press, China Women's Newspaper and People's Daily Online, to create a learning atmosphere for reading, thinking and communication in the enterprise, and to cultivate the spiritual sentiment, cultural quality and humanistic feelings of the majority of female employees, Copolyforce company division of labor will be held in the "38" festival on the day of "book 38" for the theme of reading communication activities.

        At the sisyphu bookstore reading meeting, all the female staff of the branch shared their reading experience and learning results.The atmosphere at the event was cheerful and full of books. After the meeting, the staff bought books to continue reading at home.

        The female employees attending the meeting said that they would turn the unique kindness, confidence, wisdom and strength of women into feelings of serving the people, so as to temper their will quality in daily work, realize self-improvement and contribute to the development of enterprises.