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Enterprise Culture

1. Theme of corporate culture



2. Core values

Talent oriented, customer first, home and country feelings, stop at the best.

      Talent is the foundation. Talent is the first resource, is the survival of enterprises, to realize the value of the fundamental. Talent oriented, striver oriented, adhere to emotional retention, career retention, pay special attention to treatment retention, maximize the enthusiasm, initiative and creativity of talents, so that the creation of value happy work, decent life.

    Customer first. Customers are the fundamental reason for the existence of enterprises. Always adhere to the principle of customer first, mutual benefit and win-win cooperation, strengthen the awareness of active service, focus on creating value for customers, according to customer value needs to determine the development path.

      Home and country feelings. The heart is reported to the party and the country, home country world. It has always stayed true to its original aspiration and kept its mission firmly in mind. It has become the most reliable and solid force for promoting scientific and technological progress in the industry, the backbone for implementing the new development philosophy and comprehensively deepening reform, and an important pillar and force for the Party to govern and rejuvenate the country. We must adhere to the interests of the masses, always put the masses in mind, and fulfill our duties for the interests of the masses.

      Stop at the best. There is no best, only better. Uphold the enterprising state of striving for excellence, never stopping, and innovating and surpassing, and the spiritual pursuit of doing our work to the utmost, stimulate the unlimited potential of our work and entrepreneurship, achieve lasting prosperity, and demonstrate our responsibility as the pillar of the socialist economy with Chinese characteristics.


3.  Enterprise spirit

Realistic, innovative, struggle, beyond.

   Realistic. Seeking truth is the basis of objective and correct cognition. We should be down-to-earth and realistic, seek truth and rules, and accumulate valuable experience through constant exploration.

   Innovation. Innovation is an inherent requirement of sustainable development. Only by maintaining the indomitable spirit of innovation can we scale new heights and achieve new achievements.

    Struggle. Struggle is a necessary process to achieve our goals. Standing at a new historical starting point, we must work hard, fulfill our responsibilities, and make unremitting efforts without stopping.

   Beyond. Surmount is an important magic weapon of sustainable management, only by constantly surmount themselves, can we win sustainable competitive advantage and achieve sustainable development.