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Social status

                1, The rubber and rubber products standardization technical committee member.

                2. Member of modified Plastics Sub-Technical Committee of National Technical Committee on                                        Synthetic Resin of Standardization Administration.

                3. Member of flame retardant Material Committee of China Plastic Association.

                4. Member of special Committee for Degradable Plastics of China Plastic Association.

                5. Vice President unit of Chongqing New Material Industry Association.

                6. Member of Sichuan Biodegradable Plastics Association.

                7. Member unit of Ningbo Plastics Association.

                8. Sichuan University, Southwest University, Chongqing University of Technology material discipline                                  master outside tutoring units.

Vice president unit of Chongqing New Material Industry Federation


China plastic association flame retardant committee member unit